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Boost your sunglasses business with the help trendy sun visors

Hats regular visors are found selling everywhere. These accessories are in huge demand and people keep changing their accessories frequently. A hat must match with the personality and dress of the user. Similarly the visor must complete the look of the user in addition to protecting user’s eyes and forehead from sun.

Business of selling hats and visors

One needs a hat or a visor and also a sunglass. The sunglass keeps eyes cool even in hot sun and the visor prevent sunrays from attacking the forehead. A shop that sells both sunglasses and visors could make good profit. And if the shop can provide trendy visors that are strapless and can be worn over glasses, it can make more profit.

Strapless visor

It is a latest addition to the list of sun protectors and this new addition has changed the definition of visors. It has become part of the glass. It is worn over the glass hence user...

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Easily Adjustable, Light and Fashionable Sun Visor Hats from Vizini

These visors for women sunglasses do not block your vision and do not bring any discomfort to you. These are light weighed, flexible and easily attachable to your sunglasses for utmost comfort. Your safety of eyes is ensured by Vizini through effective strapless visor hats. You can keep wearing a Vizini sun visor hat because of its high comfort ability and flexibility. These visor hats are made available to you at really low prices….read more

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Wear a Vizini to Stay Away from Sun Damages to Eyes and Skin

Vizini sun visor hats are available in great range of colours for making your appearance modern and trendy. The fashionable prints of these visor hats give you the chance to be stylish and trendy. You can create your fashion statement through a colourful Vizini sun visor. These slip on hats are available in solid colours too. Buy a sun visor hat from Vizini of different materials like cotton, poly blend and silk to look stunning….read more

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Stylish Sun Visor Hats for Women Who Play Golf

While playing Golf, one gets completely exposed to the sun. To prevent sun damages to eyes and face, ladies can wear Vizini sun visor hats which are flexible, light and strapless. These visor hats ensure great comfort and quality. They do not give headaches, hat hair or frowned eyebrows so that ladies can stay confident and look good throughout their sessions of golf and other outdoor activities. Buy ladies golf visors at affordable prices to get protection, comfort and style….read more

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Enjoy the Spring Time Wearing Colorful Vizini Sun Visor Hats

Look Pretty in Sun Visor Hats during spring

Vizini sun visors are designed in a range of colours and prints keeping in lieu the present fashion trends. The patterns on the cloth material of sun visor hats are attractive making all women appear charming and pretty. Spring season brings colours and joy all around. Indulge in experiencing beautiful spring wearing colourful sun visor hats by Vizini….read more

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Hassle free way of protecting eyes from sun

Look at the new type of sun visor hat. You can wear it over your sunglasses and you can find a matching visor for your needs. For instance ladies can choose flowery designs and men can choose dark colors. It is made with fabric hence light in weight…read more

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Trendy, fashionable and comfortable women’s sun visors

Women feel uncomfortable in hats and strapped visors as these traditional accessories have many problems. A hat can make a mess of your beautiful hairstyle. The moment you would put on the hat it would press your locks and in this way damage the hairstyle. Similarly a strapped visor would crush the hairs and head from temples.

What should women wear to get protection from direct sunlight?

There are visors that are made for women. These visors for women have no straps and also they aren’t put over head. They are worn over glasses. You would loop the visor on your sun glass and wear the visor with your glass. In this way, you would get double protection. The sun glass would protect your eyes and the visor would make a shield before your forehead.

You would remove both the sun glass and visor together as the both the accessories are joined. There would be no problem with the new visor...

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Our Magnetic Collection of Strapless Vizini Visors Ensure No Hat Hair and Headaches

Protection of Eyes in Great Style and Variation

Vizini sun visors wholesale for retailers are oriented to give the customers protection from the scorching sun with comfort as well as style. The wholesale scheme has been presented to you due to great customer reviews and feedback. Most of them own plenty of our visors to have variations in print to stylize their personality. You can place an order with us selecting your own desired fabric in which you want your visors to be made in bulk. Your preferences of fabric are given importance by us and we deliver the visors in quantity in time….read more

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Don’t Hide From The Sun, Wear A Strapless Vizini Sun Visor

Be stylish and fabulous in Vizini Visor Hats

Carry your own fashion mantra wearing our strapless sun visor hats. Vizini sun visors have multiple printed and new designs which make your outlook really cool and smart. For outgoing and active women, vizini sun visors are must. Modern women are seeking for innovation. Our vizini sun visor hats are perfect for those modern women who play golf… more

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Strapless no-headache visors for women

When you go to buy a sun visor, you look at certain factors: beauty and comfort. You want to know that the visor would protect your skin and eyes from the sun, but you are worried about the comfort because traditional clamp-style and strapped visors are quite painful.A new range of visors for women is also available and this new visor is fashionable and super comfortable. These clever sun visors are different from their traditional counterparts as this new practical accessory is attached to your sunglasses and not clamped or strapped on the head. In other words, this new sun protection product is hassle free…. Read More

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