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Cool visor for women golfers

Women golfers have a common problem that is the sun visor they use. A visor is needed to protect eyes from direct sunlight but traditional sun visors are bothersome. It is either clamped or strapped on the head…… more

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An accessory for sun protection for women

Women have some reservations regarding sun visors. They want to wear visors but they are apprehensive of pain and suffering that these accessories give. A traditional accessory either comes with strap or clamp. Both strapped and clamped accessories aren’t suitable for long term use……read more

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A sun visor made only for women

Women wear hats for one reason that is for protection from direct sunlight. But they don’t want to wear hats as hats make a mess with hairstyle. Hats can make carefully arranged hairstyles untidy and also hats put unnecessary pressure on the head……. read more

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Ideal design for a summer visor

Come summer and the sales of hats and visors go up. People buy hats of different styles to keep their eyes and face safe from sunlight. Hats and visors come in exciting designs and colors, but traditional products have many design flaws. They just aren’t comfortable…….read more

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Sun visors that women can wear comfortably

Traditional hats are simply unsuitable for women as a hat can be uncomfortable and disturbs the hairstyle. The user feels the pressure and wants to put off the hat to release the pressure. Strap style and clamp style visors also have the same drawbacks.

Women need an ideal sun visor hat that gives comprehensive protection from the UV rays of the sun and is comfortable as well. They need an accessory that can take care of their hairstyle, forehead, face and eyes. Luckily, such an accessory is available and the new accessory promises more advantages than simply giving sun protection.

What is this new accessory?

It is a visor, but it is different from its traditional counterparts as it has no straps and clamps. The accessory is worn attached to sunglasses. It sits on glasses’ frame. It is extremely lightweight making it a practical solution for women of all ages.

It is easy to wear...

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Sun visors designed for women

Women golfers need visors that are effective as well as comfortable. Regular strap and clamp style products give complete protection from sunlight but these accessories are uncomfortable. The biggest disadvantage of traditional sun protection is they give you a headache and make a mess of your hair…….read more

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Sun visor made for modern women

Which sun protector should a woman choose? The options are traditional hat, regular strapped accessory and modern clamp style accessory visor. The answer is none of the three. It should be a visor without straps and clamps. Hats spoil hair and straps also do the same….read more

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Stylish, safe, comfortable and convenient sun protection for women

Traditional sun visors have many problems. They spoil hairstyles and create painful headaches. These accessories might be beautiful, but they lack comfort and convenience. Women need a visor that not only gives complete protection from sun but also is comfortable and convenient….read more

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Strapless Sun Visors for Women Golf Players

Women get complete sun exposure while playing golf. You cannot stop playing your favorite sports due to the threats of UV rays from sun. For women who play golf, Vizini’s strapless sun visors are best in giving complete sun protection and comfort. These are ideal sun visors for women playing golf. While wearing a regular strappy sun visor, women develop hat hair and headaches….read more

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A sun visor sans straps and clinches

Which visor do you use? Do you need tying the visor on your head? If yes then you are using an outdated accessory that is notorious for its pain and suffering that it gives to the user. You would certainly not feel comfortable after tying the visor around your head….read more

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