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A new style of sun visor hat

It is mandatory for one to wear a hat to protect his/her eyes and face from direct sun, but it isn’t necessary to suffer to get this protection. Where a hat disturbs hairstyles and also heats up the head, clamp-style eye-shields give you pinched temples and a headache. Strap style sun visors also have these issues of messing up your hair and giving you a headache.An ideal sun visor hat is one that protects and does not create other problems. It is easy to wear and use. It is a comfortable sun gear that is beautiful as well. It is worn over sunglasses. It sits attaches to sunglasses and in this way protects the face and eyes, comfortably. You need to wear some form of glasses, if you want to take advantage of this eye-shield… Read More

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Choose Sun Visor Wholesale Scheme for Good Profit

Vizini® sun visors strapless hats are proudly made in the U.S.A and a fantastic solution for the traditional strappy visor hats which cause hat hair and headaches. There are no straps in Vizini to give you discomfort. Vizini sun visor wholesale provide your customers high quality and durable sun visor hats which are the unique combination of style and comfort. Vizini sun visors are light and uniquely designed to be attached to your eyeglasses. There are two loops strongly stitched to the visor to which you need to attach your glasses. It works great with thin framed eyeglasses and thick framed glasses, too… Read More

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Buy Vizini Sun Visor Hats for Great Comfort

Zero Headaches and Hat Hair by Wearing Vizini Sun Visor

It is true. Vizini sun visor hat do not cause headaches and give you hat hair. We know that it is difficult for you to keep managing your hair while wearing a strappy sun visor. So we have come up with a solution. Vizini sun visor hat is light and strapless. This is the first ever strapless sun visor which does not give you any trouble of headache and hat hair.

Make a Fashion Statement with Sun Visor Hat

With multiple sun visor hats by Vizini you can create your own closet of sun visor hats. Soft colors to bright and fashionable prints, our visors are available to you in distinctive style. Without headaches, pinched skin and hat hair, you can freely flaunt your sun visor hat to your friends. Step out in the sun looking classy and elegant or cool and sassy choosing from our range of sun visors… Read More

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Sun visors wholesale: Retailers can cash in on the popularity of strapless sun visors

When you go out in the, you always remember taking your eye shield that could be a hat of a trendy accessory that could be strapped or clamped on the forehead. Similarly everyone uses a visor to protect his/her eyes, when going out in the sun. Today eye protective accessories have become an integral part of our dresses…Read more

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Fashionable No Headache Visor: The New Age No Hassle Sun Visor

What do you use to protect your eyes from UV rays? If you are using a hat or a strap style gear then you are using regular accessories that are both painful and expensive. You should explore the market to find more user-friendly gears. You would be amazed to see the new age sun protectors that are much better than a hat or a strap style visor….read more

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Sun Visors Wholesale: Make Quick Money by Selling Trendy Sun Gears

Selling sun gears is a flourishing business as everyone needs this gear. When you go out in the sun, you have to wear this gear otherwise you won’t be able to protect your eyes from UV rays of the sun. It is for this reason that sun gears are found on every shop….read more

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Sun Visors For Spring: Amazing Strapless Visors

You need a sun visor that you can wear all the year. Going out in the sun without wearing any protective gear could be harmful for your eyes and for this reason you need an accessory that you can wear in hassle free manner. You have traditional gear that works well but it pains as well. It clamps on to your head and you need setting it every time you move your head.

Wearing a tradition visor is a hassle as it is tied around the head. It can disturb your hairstyle and give you headache. You need an accessory that is convenient to wear. Look at the trendy sun visors for spring that are strapless. These gears are made for modern women that want to remain free from any hassle. They are made strapless for hassle free wearing. You would be amazed to know that these gears are used with sunglasses.

Strapless sun visors for spring are made hassle free and for this reason they are more popular...

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Sun Visor for Women: The Best Protective Gear a Woman Can Have

A traditional sun visor can give protection to eyes but it can also give headache. It is tied around the head so that it remains on the forehead. But a user has to adjust her gear to keep it at its place. Women wear visors as these gears give little trouble in comparison to hats. But traditional gears are also not free from hassles….read more

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An introduction to the fashionable no headache visor

Traditional visors are uncomfortable accessories. They are uncomfortable because they have lots of hassle. For instance, you need tying the gear around your hair. When you would tie the gear, it would squeeze your hairs. Also it would pinch your temple. Soon you would feel headache and would want to remove the gear.Read more….

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